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History of Cannabis in Canada.

History of Cannabis in Canada.

Join us in this weeks blog as we dive into the legalization history of cannabis in Canada!

Decades ago before the legalization of cannabis, the perception of a many towards those consuming cannabis wasn’t ideal. This is evident considering a wide array of persons who consumed this drug were perceived to be criminals or persons seeking cannabis-given-courage to commit a crime or hurt someone. Fast forward to recent times and cannabis now serves as a panacea for a wide array of ailments. Not just that it is legalized for both medical and recreational uses in Canada.

Cannabis in Canada

Unlike most nations the world over where is cannabis legal in certain states or regions for either medical or recreational uses, Canada is different. This is evident considering the drug is legal for both medical and recreational across the national territory. A bill that became law on July 30, 2001, under the conditions outlined by the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations turned Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Cannabis at a Federal level

October 17, 2018, meant a significant breakthrough for cannabis in Canada. On this date the federal cannabis act was passed, making Canada the only the second country after Uruguay to legalize cultivation, acquisition, possession as well as the consumption of cannabis, cannabis-induced products, and cannabis by-products. Making this nation also tagged as the Dates that made cannabis what it is today in Canada.

Important Dates

As far back as 1923, cannabis was tagged as a banned substance with little or no hope of eventual legalization. Fast-forward to some decades later (July 30th, 2001) cannabis made the drug legal for both medical and recreational uses. Based on popular demand, the Cannabis Act, Bill C-45 was triggered on November 27, 2017, by the House of Commons of Canada. This meant recreational cannabis was now legal in Canada. With that in mind, the Canadian senate passed its second reading on March 22, 2018.

Amongst other things, June 18, 2018, saw the house pass the bill in support of the legalization of cannabis without all Senate’s amendments. Warranting the senate to approve the version of the Act just a day later. Thanks to the months of lengthy debates regarding the legalization of cannabis, October 17, 2018, is a date engraved in the minds of many cannabis lovers and weed enthusiasts in Canada.

This is because it marked the day the Federal Government approved the use of recreational cannabis. Meaning it no longer violates any criminal laws in the nation. It should be worthy to note that the regulations of this law are similar to alcohol in Canada. Limiting home production, distribution, consumption areas as well as sale times.

Cannabis and minors

While the restrictions on cannabis continue to hit record-lows with every passing day, be careful not to fall fray. Especially for those venturing into any cannabis trade or dealing with minors, worst of all supplying cannabis to minors. Acts of this magnitude are punished with the full extent of the law.

The Birth of Online Cannabis Sale in Canada

While weed lovers welcomed the legalization of cannabis across the national territory, getting access to weed still meant visiting licensed dispensaries to get that perfect strain. January 2019 meant a new beginning for weed lovers as they could now make purchases of weed and get it delivered within the comfort of their homes.

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