Can Smoking Weed Improve Your Workouts?

Can Smoking Weed Improve Your Workouts?

Ever since cannabis was legalized for medical and recreational uses in a wide array of provinces in Canada, there has been an increase in demand for weed and cannabis-induced products. Although there are persons who recognize weed merely for its psychoactive properties (high feeling) thanks to its THC content, the CBD component of this plant comes with a potent panacea. One that can treat a wide array of ailments.

Cannabis and Sports

Before, it seemed more like a taboo to see smoking a joint before and after workouts. Although this proved addictive over time, researchers in the field of medical cannabis championed by the legalization of the plant saw the benefits associated with the plant, rather than crucifying athletes for their behaviors. Today, cannabis is now a mainstay in our lives thanks to its healing prowess especially for those in competitive sports.

Can Smoking Weed Improve Your Workouts?

With that said, we move straight into our topic of interest for this research, which is to analyze whether smoking weed improves workouts. While there are varying opinions about this fact, this research is designed to silence this debate. As such, enclosed below are some findings in support of the fact, weed doesn’t only get you stoned as an athlete but can improve your workout routines.

1. Weed As A Panacea For Exercise-Related Pain

Weed is a proven panacea for pain and chronic pain. This is evident considering a wide array of studies support the fact that the cannabinoids found in weed can keep pain signals in the human body at bay. It should however be noted that, although weed intake makes pain bearable, it cannot heal injuries. Injuries when left on treated can be unbearable sometimes and without the help of a specialist, even weed won’t help.

2. Weed for Shielding the Brain from Injuries

Contact sports like wrestling, football, soccer, boxing, and hockey creates an avenue where athletes are sometimes prone to head injuries like concussions. As such, while minor concussions turn to heal within a week or two, its severe counterpart takes longer to heal. As such, it comes with a wide array of health risks especially if left unattended. With the most common being brain swelling, which intern damages brain cells and of course hamper brain functioning. In case these occur, Cannabinoids, such as CBD, rich in anti-inflammatory properties can serve as an ideal panacea for reducing the swelling in the brain. With that said, it is advisable to smoke weed after and not before If, your sport requires fast reflexes.

3. Cannabis for a Focus Boost

To cannabis researchers, weed is an ideal panacea especially for persons seeking to stay focused for the completion of specific tasks. Reasons why a wide array of athletes especially (recreational runners) enjoy running while stoned. This is evident considering a wide array of athletes testify to taking a few puffs before a long-distance run. All of which is in a bid to make the run fulfilled and enjoyable. As such, although cannabis is ideal for repetitive activities, research shows that the THC in weed can somewhat decrease reaction time as well as impairing motor skills.

4.     Weed Can Take Away All Pre-Workout Related Anxiety

Because, the THC contents in weed can induce full-blown paranoia especially in cases of an overdose, products rich in CBD on the other hand give you the confidence to walk into the gym like a boss with little or no fear of being anxious.

5.     Weed Relaxes Sore Muscles

Getting sore muscles after every work isn’t cherished by a wide array of athletes. Luckily, the CBD is there for athletes during the occurrence of such mood or workout spoilers thanks to its ability to serve as a panacea for inflammations in the body. Amongst other things, consuming CBD before any workout means you stand lesser chances of soreness and pain.

Final Note

If allowed to use weed especially for recreational athletes, be sure to get a full mastery of what the rulebook says before getting stoned and working out simultaneously. Also, seek the counsel of your budtender to select an ideal strain for you, one that will keep you focused, driven, and motivated. As such staying away from products rich in THC and focusing more on those with CBD is key. Especially for a professional athlete since the CBD was recently removed from the list of banned substances by the Anti-Doping Agency.

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