Does Cannabis Help Prevent Coronavirus?

Does Cannabis Help Prevent Coronavirus?

This weeks blogs explores the current studies surrounding properties in cannabis and how they can help prevent coronavirus.

The advent of the coronavirus like most virus infections made the world tremble. Causing doctors, physicians, nations, and concerned individuals and organizations to put their heads together and fight the common enemy, Covid-19. With a certified and verified vaccine schedule for 2021 (WHO), most people are bound to seek solace in a wide array of medications and concoctions all in a bid to curb and find a lasting solution to this virus.

Coronavirus and What Works

While there are prescription drugs known to serve as a panacea for the virus especially for those with a strong immune system, some researchers think cannabis can serve as a panacea for this virus. With that said, the million-dollar questions remain and which is Can Cannabis Help or Cure Corona Virus.

Cannabis for Coronavirus

In this quest to find a lasting solution to the coronavirus, a team of Canadian scientists from the University of Lethbridge came up with some groundbreaking discoveries as printed in the Online Journal Preprints. With that in mind enclosed below are some of the results of their findings. All of which is geared towards using cannabis as a panacea for Covid-19.

1.     These researchers opine that hemp extracts high in CBD are potent enough to block proteins that provide a “gateway” for COVID-19.

2.     They also suggest that cannabis can reduce or limit the spread of the virus’ points of entry by a mouthwatering 70%. Meaning patients stand a higher chance of fighting and possibly combat the virus.

3.     To these researchers, if cannabis is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to modulate the enzymes, only then can it stand a chance to prove a plausible strategy for decreasing disease susceptibility”. Making it an ideal, useful, and most of all a safe addition to the treatment of COVID-19 as an aide therapy.”

4.     The researchers use cannabis thanks to its potencies to “create easy-to-use preventive panaceas. Some of which may come in the form of mouthwash as well as throat gargle products”.

5.     Finally, the study suggests that over 800-cannabis sativa dominant strains would be of great help to this cause. Most of which are rich in anti-inflammatory CBD and low in THC (responsible for the high feeling).

A Strong Immune System Stands Verses Covid-19

Irrespective of the fragility of the human body, we can always rely on our immune system to fight some of our internal battles for us. Especially those that come in the form of diseases, illnesses, infections as well disease-causing microorganisms. No matter how strong this system is, it may be bound to fail if the body isn’t cared for and treated properly.

With versatile and ruthless viruses like the covid-19 in play, what better way to care for and boost this system than practicing the following tips

– Abstain from smoking

– Consume more fruits and vegetables

– Always exercise regularly

– Abstain from alcohol

– Get enough rest whenever you can

Final Note

Taking to mind the aforementioned research findings by the said Canadian researchers, there is finally a bright light at the end of the tunnels. With such promising signs, all we can do is hope and pray for cannabis to be that panacea for the world needs to combat Covid-19.

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